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The Professional Victim
Blame the people for not accepting you. People should just like you unconditionally.
Blame society for hating you. Because Society always is looking to segregate people from one another.
Blame your mental disabilities that prohibit you from being liked. Because they're uncontrollable.
Blame your parents for bringing you into this world. They could've just not brought you into this world to suffer.
Blame the lack of attention that you receive. Because you wear your victimhood like a badge, and it needs to be showed off and given attention. And if you don't get it, you feel empty.
Blame somebody's race for the actions of a few people in that race a few hundred years ago. Because it's clearly their fault.
Blame your body for not being strong or skinny enough for you. Because your body is clearly outside of your control.
Blame your genetics for not giving you the right gender. Because whatever gender you are, society just wants to hurt you.
Blame the teachers for not being able to get
:iconnorthstars4ever:NorthStars4ever 4 15


Cartoon Animal Character Drawings
If you've got a character who's a cartoon animal and you'd like for me to draw them, in exchange for money, please... let me know.

The current prices are $1.00 to $5.00 for something of the quality of the drawings displayed, above. 


Alright, my friends.  I received the e-mail, containing the Personal History Questionnaire.
I've got a couple weeks to get the thing filled-out and turned-in.  Knowing my habit of procrastination, I'd best get started, right-away.  I will be deactivating my DeviantArt account, tonight (like when I get back home, from work).  Like last time, I'll try to discretely reactivate and deactivate and reactivate, so that I may keep my content while not lying about having deactivated my account.

I've been through something like this, once before, including the deactivation and reactivation of social media accounts, and I'm fairly confident that I can get through it, this time.  In this trial, I've the potential to either really benefit myself or really fuck myself.  If I am successful, I can actually acquire, for myself, some means of doing.  If I fail, once again, I'll have set myself back by at least another 3/4 of a year, subjecting myself to whatever annual bludgeonings will come, as well as the mental/ emotional toll of knowing that I'm continuing to be a burden.  I've been living with my father, as an adult, since high school, paying a mercifully meager rent while regularly receiving assistance from loving family and friends.  I am a dependent wretch of a man while pridefully being part of a nation that champions independence.  As a proud American boy, being so dependent takes a major toll on my psyche.  I am an uneducated, unskilled laborer who manufactures and sells luxury items, for a friend's company.  I've really only ever been employed by friends of my family.  I am, as it were, superfluous to society.  I chose to pursue what I'm pursuing and the seemingly direct path is far more uncertain than I expected it to be.  It is, however, my own fault that the conditions have become so, as I made things harder for myself, earlier on, through my ignorance and fear.  I am clawing for redemption.  For nearly four years, I have been clawing for redemption.  I established myself as a coward and a fool and I'll either prove otherwise or die in the attempt.

I like to think that I learned a lesson or two, from the last four (four, if I include that foul-up at the local MEPS) trials and failures, and that I have matured some.  Last trial, I got closer than I ever had before.  God-willing, I can actually obtain that conditional offer of employment and advance.

This trial is pretty simple and the odds are looking handsome.  There are potentially 700 positions opening-up, by next year.  There are also approximately 465 candidates (including myself) still in the running.  To get the job, all I have to do is not fuck-up.  Those are extraordinarily simple and easy terms.  Why am I so nervous?

Well... I reckon this is it.  Goodbye, my friends.
God-willing, I'll talk to you next, a worthier man.

Love n' regards.

Onward I go...
  • Playing: with myself
  • Eating: My words
So there's a solar eclipse going-on.  Folks are referring to it as "The Great American Eclipse".
That's pretty cool, right?
And how 'bout it?  We're here for it.  :)
I'm not sure if I'm under-appreciating the auspice of the occasion, but I'm afraid I'm not very experienced when it comes to celebrating celestial phenomena.  Perhaps I can take this happening as a thing of good luck for both the Nation and my self.  America is actually acting pretty united, today, it seems.  Even if it takes a solar eclipse to make that happen, I'll take it.  I'll also be engaged in the background investigation thing again, here, pretty soon.  Hopefully, the Moon photobombing the Sun is a sign that things'll work-out well for me.  ;p

As you may have gathered, I'm still here, my friends.  I estimate my time of deactivation to be sometime circa August 25th, when it is estimated I'll receive the Personal History Questionnaire (PHQ).
In the meantime, I've been gathering documentation and details about my own history and associations.  'Tis a butt pain, but I was given a bit of a head-start for which I'm grateful.

So... I send my love n' regards to my friends and family.
Have a good one, this day of "The Great American Eclipse".
  • Playing: with myself
  • Eating: My words
I'm at it, again, my friends.
Once again, I'm testing for one of the two civil service jobs I've been after.

I apologize for not responding to the loving comments that I've been receiving, from my friends, on this-here site, as well as via e-mail.  I have been reading them, though, and I am sincerely touched and appreciative.  A combination of being busy and low on words has left me kinda... dumb.  I wanted my replies to be as sweet as the initial comments, but I was checking my comments in the midst of a lot of stuff going-on, and I didn't want to be too terse.  So I'm sorry for my silence, my friends.  I love you all.

Now then, due to the requirement of including a list of social media sites I use, in the upcoming Personal History Questionnaire that I'll have to fill-out as part of the background investigation phase of the hiring process, I'm going to be (hopefully temporarily) deactivating my DeviantArt account, once again.  It was suggested to me, at least a year or two ago, that I not be on this-here website.  I, of course, couldn't stay away.  I hope that my content would be innocuous enough to not get me removed from the selection list, but I'm going to play it safe and just deactivate, for the time it takes to get through this phase.  When I did this for the police hiring process, I managed to get through to the "oral board" phase and when I fouled-up, it had nothing to do with social media sites that I've used.  As firefighter candidates aren't quite as thoroughly vetted as police officer candidates, this method of technical fact management will hopefully get me through the PHQ phase, a second time.  Then it's just a matter of passing the oral board and the subsequent examinations and tests (there are a lot of examinations and tests).  I've passed three of the tests, in this particular process, thus far, and the odds are currently looking fairly decent (*knocks on wood*).

So, ehh... in a few days, I plan on deactivating my DeviantArt account... once again.  Like last time, I don't plan on keeping it deactivated, this time, either.  So I reckon I'll be in-and-out, sporadically, hopefully getting back just in-time to not be permanently deactivated.  I'm fairly certain that me being on this website doesn't make me any more nefarious or any more of a liability than I already am.  There are plenty of good people who use this website and I wish to maintain correspondence with some of them.

Wish me luck.  Onward I go.

Love n' regards, my friends.

- Vito D.
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  • Eating: My words
A crudely sliced slice of life
Back at it, again.  I went to the police applicant information session, just to see if anything had changed, since the last time I was there.  Nope.  Same ol' stuff.  After I verified a few dates and events, on my note paper, I just kinda took the rest of the time to doodle.

What's kinda cool is that the lady at the civil service commission building recognized me (probably 'cause I'd been there so many times).
Meanwhile, I'm also testing to become a fireman.  Whichever of the jobs I land first, I'll take it.

I think it's fair to say that Joe Benedetti is my "fursona", by now.  He does just about everything I do (including wearing what I was wearing, at the time of the information session, i.e. an itchy dark blue striped woolen sweater).

Have fun, folks.


On an unrelated note, I took my cat to the hospital today to take care of a bladder obstruction.  The doc called me and she let me know that things are going fairly well, thus far *knocks on wood*.  They drained his bladder and cleared the obstruction.  Now they're just gonna make sure his fluids and electrolytes are balanced before they unhook 'im from the tubes n' send him home.
Ode to the Free Canadians
Happy 150th Canada Day (belated as it may be)!

In honor of our beautiful brothers to the North, I drew this little visual ode (inspired by a song by the late great Stan Rogers) to the free Canadians who value freedom, hard work and honor.
I chose to draw a beaver (Canada's national animal) working as a roughneck (Canada is known for being a major oil producer).
Your American brothers love you, ya Canucks!  :hug:  You're freedom-loving "idiots", just like us.  ;)

"The Idiot"  
by Stan Rogers…

I often take these night shift walks when the foreman's not around.

I turn my back on the cooling stacks and make for open ground.
Far out beyond the tank farm fence where the gas flare makes no sound,
I forget the stink and I always think back to that Eastern town.

I remember back six years ago, this Western life I chose.
And every day, the news would say some factory's going to close.
Well, I could have stayed to take the Dole, but I'm not one of those.
I take nothing free, and that makes me an idiot, I suppose.

So I bid farewell to the Eastern town I never more will see;
But work I must so I eat this dust and breathe refinery.
Oh I miss the green and the woods and streams and I don't like cowboy clothes;
But I like being free and that makes me an idiot I suppose.

So come all you fine young fellows who've been beaten to the ground.
This western life's no paaradise, but it's better than lying down.
Oh, the streets aren't clean, and there's nothing green, and the hills are dirty brown,
But the government Dole will rot your soul back there in your home town.

So bid farewell to the Eastern town you never more will see.
There's self-respect and a steady cheque in this refinery.
You will miss the green and the woods and streams and the dust will fill your nose.
But you'll be free, and just like me, an idiot, I suppose.




JackofAllAss's Profile Picture
United States


Hello. :)

I'm a patriotic American guy who has a strange compulsion to draw and an unconventionally romantic outlook on a lot of things. For some reason, the drawings normally turn out to be of anthropomorphic animals or zoomorphic people. I do draw other things as well, though.
If you want to know more, please, feel free to ask. :)

I hope that you, as my viewer, enjoy my art as much as I enjoy making it.

Peace be with you. :)

Oh, and one more birthday's not really what may be indicated by deviantART. My birthday is actually in March (March 31st, to be exact).

I support Liberty by Ramen27
Gadsden Flag stamp by picturefragments
Stamp - Second Amendment by MauserGirl



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